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INHALT Elektron Digitone Artist Bank


Custom sound bank of 128 patches for the Elektron Digitone and Digitone Keys FM Synthesizer programmed by professional sound designer Matia Simovich / INHALT (Sequential, Elektron, Roland, Novation, Akai Pro ...).

When working on the Factory Banks that ship with the Digitone and Digitone Keys, Matia ended up with an excess of sounds that did not make it into the final library. Using this as an inspiration and having heavily used the Digitone on Body of Light's "Time to Kill" LP, he noted the synths ability to cover a vast variety of production ready sounds. Thus this was the foundation for the artist bank: a deep collection of patches that require minimal outboard processing and are designed to work with each other seamlessly.

Drums, percussion, bass, pads, keys, arpeggios ... all are present within this library and and all have been programmed to work together sonically and aesthetically. A good chunk of the library is dedicated to specific classic FM synth sounds and another to drums and percussion, but all sounds exude the elegance and sophistication of the INHALT touch.

Multitracked Audio Demo (all sounds are the Digitone INHALT patches including drums):

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